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Posted on 03/10/2013, by Vyga News
Welcome to the world of Vyga News! A novel concept that throws open before you an entirely new horizon in the media space, Vyga News debuts as a complete news portal, unique and fresh in all respects.

Vyga News rides the minds of the netizen, taking him to unseen pastures. News is what drives us. Every desire is catered to, enabling users get more from news breaks, take the speed track to tech innovations, indulge in life’s most desirable moments, try out fashion trends that set ramps on fire, shop online, and tickle taste buds to the most appetizing spread served on a platter – all at the click of a mouse.

Vyga Online portals Private Limited, is the leading force behind the first Government accredited news prtal in Kerala, www. The legendary Malayalam laureate Mr. MT Vasudevan Nair lead to the cyber space on 2009 March 15.

The portal,, offers daily news, online music, video, e-shopping, games, contests, vyga mail and chat zones.


J Sreekumari
Associate Editor
Vinod Mankara
Executive Editor
Sanil Sha
News Editors

Deepthy Pillai
Sharon Moothedan
Special Correspondents

Sidharth Sreenivas (Thiruvananthapuram)
Abhinand (New Delhi)
Principal Correspondents

Roy P Thomas (Ernakulam)


Javed Rahman (Kozhikkode)
Foreign Correspondents

M. Rakhi (USA)
Mathew K Thomas (Bahrain)
Prabhakaran Pillai. N (Muscat)
Muhammed Ameen (Riyadh)
Sub Editors

Askar Vengad
Deepak Nambiar
PK Jothy
Rohini. S

Sebinster Francis
Sumesh Edakkara
Bipin Thomas

Jithin George
Praveen Raveendran
Technical Support

Aswathy S Nair
Editorial Office

Vyga Online Portals Pvt, Ltd


TC 602/3 , Petta Post,


Kerala, India

Tel: +91 0471 644 44 34

E Mail:

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