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My heart attack wasn’t serious: Antonio Banderas

My heart attack wasn’t serious: Antonio Banderas
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Los Angeles: Antonio Banderas suffered a heart attack in January, but the actor says he is fine now and the attack was not as “dramatic” as projected in the media.

The 56-year-old actor was rushed to St Peter’s Hospital in Surrey outside of London when he suffered chest pains while exercising earlier this year, reported Us magazine.

“I had a heart attack on January 26, but I was very lucky, it was benign and it did not leave any damage.

“I underwent an intervention in which three stents were implanted in my coronary arteries, and since I suffered from arrhythmia for a long time (an irregular heartbeat) I underwent a thermoablation (laser surgery), but it has not been as dramatic as it has been written,” Banderas says.

The star says his addiction to work is one of the reasons of the “major beating” his heart took. Banderas insists that he is on the mend and “wanting to return to work.